ARO offers a complete catalog of coatings – anti-reflective, broadband AR,  short and long wavepass filters, high reflectors, beamsplitters and polarizers.  We have a variety of coating technologies available to satisfy the spectral, mechanical, laser damage and environmental conditions of customer required coatings.   Our chambers range in size from 28” to 54”.  We clean and inspect our optics in a class 1000 clean room and use other techniques to produce absolute pristine surfaces.

We have a strong reputation for excellent performance in the UV-Excimer wavelengths, starting at 193 nm.  ARO uses evaporative E-beam technology for many of or our thin film coatings because this method is typically faster and less expensive than alternative methods on the market.  For thin film coatings at lower wavelengths, using E-beam technology allows ARO to produce optics with some of the highest laser damage certifications and longest lifetimes in the industry.

Post Coat Inspection

Post-Coating Inspection

ARO offers Ion-assisted deposition coating technology which produces higher density coatings, making them more mechanically durable and environmentally stable.  IAD technology is well suited for coating in the MWIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum and as well as for filter coating requiring sharper cut-offs. Also with lower deposition temperatures IAD helps reduce a change in surface figure on higher aspect ratio substrates.

For verification of spectral specifications, we have several Perkin Elmer and Cary spectrophotometers which allow us to measure from 150nm to over 20 microns. In addition we have in-house capabilities to test for specified environmental requirements including abrasion, adhesion, humidity, salt spray and temperature.