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Optical Coatings

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We utilize E-beam, IBS, Magnetron Sputtering, and Ion Assisted Deposition coating technologies to satisfy the spectral, mechanical, laser damage, pricing, and environmental conditions unique to our customers. We have a strong reputation for coating performance within 193-3000nm.

Optical Coating Process

ARO offers a complete catalog of coatings – anti-reflective coating optics, broadband AR, short and long wavepass filters, high reflectors, optical beam splitters and polarizers. We have a variety of coating technologies available to satisfy the spectral, mechanical, laser damage, and environmental conditions of customer required coatings. Our chambers range in size from 28” to 54”. We clean and inspect our optics in a class 10,000 clean room and use other techniques to produce absolute pristine surfaces. ARO uses FilmStar design and characterization software to design customized coatings.

We have a strong reputation for excellent performance in the UV-Excimer wavelengths, starting at 193 nm. ARO uses evaporative E-beam technology for many of or our thin film coatings because this method is typically faster and less expensive than alternative methods on the market. For thin film coatings at lower wavelengths, using E-beam technology allows ARO to produce optics with some of the highest laser damage certifications and longest lifetimes in the industry.

Optical Coating Technology

ARO can select from Electron-beam deposition, Magnetron Sputtering, and IBS coating chambers. Ion-assisted deposition (IAD) technology can be used in the E-beam and IBS coating chambers. Magnetron Sputtering and IBS coating techniques are preferred when a more mechanically durable and environmentally stable coating is required because they produce higher density coatings.

Our IBS chamber is equipped with an optical monitor and larger targets, so it can be used to produce more difficult coatings requiring precise layer control and longer coating times. IBS technology is well suited for coating in the MWIR region of the electromagnetic spectrum and as well as for filter coatings requiring sharper cut-offs. Because IBS coating deposition temperatures are lower, there is a reduced change in the surface figure on higher aspect ratio substrates.

For verification of spectral specifications, we use lamda 1050 and lamda 900 Perkin Elmer spectrophotometers which allow us to measure from 188nm to 3 microns. We have in-house capabilities to test for specified environmental requirements including abrasion, adhesion, humidity, temperature, and temperature influence.

General Coating Capabilities

Functional coatings

HR % Reflectivity / AR % Reflectivity / Anti-Reflective Multiple Band / High Reflective Metallic / High Reflective Dielectric / Metal Coatings/ Dichroic Long Pass / Dichroic Short Pass / Polarizing Beam Splitter

Wavelength Range

DUV to Near IR: 193 nm – 3 micron


0.2 – 99.5%

Dimensions (diameter or square)

5 mm – 430 mm

Angle of Incidence


Laser-Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT)
  • Deposition Technology

    Electron Beam Deposition / Magnetron Sputtering / IBS / Electron Beam with Ion Assisted Deposition / IBS with Ion Assisted Deposition

    Cleaning Technology

    Solvent Wipe / Spin Cleaning


    Laminar Flow Hoods Class <100 / Clean Space Class <10,000


    Lamda 1050 and Lamda 900 Perkin Elmer Spectrophotometers / Angular Attachment Polarizer for Spectrophotometer Measurements / Vertical and Horizontal Zygo Interferometer / Environmental Chamber BHD-203

    Environmental Tests

    Tape Test / Abrasion Test / Thermal-Humidity Test / Temperature Influence Test / Stress Test


    MIL-PRF-13830B APP C, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-M-13508C, MIL-F-48616, MIL-C-675C, ISO 10110-(1-14), PARA C.3.8.4, PARA C.3.8.5

    Coating Tooling

    2,200+ Coating Tools in-House / Custom Tooling Design

    Production Quantities

    Run capacity of 450 1” diameter parts / Prototype to Production Volume


    PetG’s / Optic Boxes with Inserts / Evacuated Nitrogen Sealed Bags / Tissue / Bubble Wrap / Custom Packaging Design