Laser Optics

Alpine Research Optics supplies precision OEM laser optics and subassemblies to manufacturers of lasers, laser-based systems, and instruments in a broad range of demanding applications.  To stay at the forefront of optical fabrication technology, we are continually investing in new equipment including polishing equipment, coating chambers and state-of-the-art metrology. We offer plano, spherical and cylindrical optics with coatings from 193nm through 5 microns.

For an optimal outcome we partner with engineers, system builders and researchers to meet prototype through high volume demand for UV, visible, and IR precision optical components, coatings, and assemblies. One key factor that enables ARO to consistently produce components reliably is that substrate fabrication and thin film coating are accomplished as a single, seamless, integrated process. This is important, because the underlying quality of the substrate, in terms of factors such as surface roughness, subsurface damage and impurity content, critically affect damage threshold and component lifetime. This same care even extends to product storage and packaging, which has been specifically tailored to maintain the pristine condition of all optical surfaces, even in the presence of large changes in ambient pressure, temperature and humidity.