ARO delivers high performance windows from the deep ultraviolet through the mid-wave infrared. We routinely work with fused silica, optical glasses and crystalline substrate materials such as CaF2 and MgF2.  We utilize a variety of coating techniques to achieve the optimum thin film for each specific application, including coatings optimized for specific environmental conditions. We readily produce components in a wide range of sizes and geometric shapes.

We have particular expertise in producing the following laser specific, high transmission optics:

  • Solid state laser windows specifically designed to deliver high peak power damage threshold and low scatter, without sacrificing mechanical durability.
  • Excimer laser windows that provide excellent mechanical durability, high pulse count lifetime, and high transmission, even at deep UV wavelengths.
  • Ultrafast laser windows that possess the optimum combination of broad spectral bandwidth, minimum group velocity dispersion (GVD), low scatter, and peak pulse power damage resistance.

Made to order
Custom Windows

Our technical team will review your optical drawing or custom specifications and provide a quote.   Typically we offer:

Size: 3mm to 400 mm
Surface roughness:
Surface quality: 10/5 Laser Quality (scratch/dig)
Surface flatness: we routinely provide 1/10λ Peak to Valley at 632.8nm, with the ability to achieve 1/20λ Peak to Valley
Standard tolerances include +0/-0.005″ for diameter, length or width and ± 0.005″ for thickness
Parallelism: 1 minute
Anti-reflective coating, R < 0.25%
(alternate specifications/tolerances available upon request)