Optical Polarizer

Optical Polarizer Optics

Products we offer are optical polarizers with narrow and broadband options. We provide a wide polarizer selection guide of the custom optic solutions and optical polarizers, filters for laser systems.

Optical Polarizers

UV polarizer

UV Polarizer

UV polarizers are a great low-cost linear polarized film option for your laser application. In addition, we are offering a modified UV polarizer down to 193 nm. We also offer the IR polarizer (infrared near IR polarizers).

Ultrafast Polarizers

Ultrafast Polarizers

ARO offers thin-film polarizers fiber-optic polarization that provides the top performance in Ti: Sapphire amplifiers. Multiple round trips in the amplifier have a multiplying effect on the characteristics of any optic in the cavity. Our sales team can offer a free estimate for our custom thin film polarizer, linear polarizing filters and polymer circular polarizers, and other polarization in optics.

High Energy Polarizers

High Energy Polarizers

We achieve high-energy polarizer performance through advanced optic polarization coating design and superior technology. Polarization optics are made for use in some of the most demanding lasers in the world. For multiple polarizers, our clear polarized film, UV, or IR polarizer coatings are great for use with Nd: YAG lasers.


Custom polarizers

Our technical team will review your optical drawing or specifications. Typically we offer:
  • Size: 3 mm to 400 mm
  • Surface roughness: with the ability to provide below if requested
  • Reflective polarizer film: from 0.2% to 99.5% reflectivity
  • Surface flatness: 1/10λ Peak to Valley at 632.8nm, with the ability to achieve 1/40λ
  • Standard tolerances include +0/-0.005″ for diameter, length or width and ± 0.005″ for thickness
  • Parallelism: 1 minute can produce below 5 seconds on plano/plano parts if requested
  • Coating Wavelengths: 193nm – 3000nm
  • Surface quality: 10/5 Quality (scratch/dig)
  • AOI: 0-60 deg

Thin Film Polarizer

ARO’s thin-film polarizers deliver an unmatched combination of high thin film polarizer extinction ratio, high damage threshold, excellent mechanical durability, and long operational lifetime. The thin-film laser polarizer technology employed to fabricate these optical polarizers work evolved from our collaborative experience in producing thin-film optics for some of the world’s most demanding applications. ARO supplies products, optics, polarization films for the world’s largest laser system at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility, and reflected beam path polarized optics for cutting-edge research universities.

From substrate preparation to coating, and product packaging we apply our state-of-the-art expertise to both stock and custom polarization optics.

Polarizing Filters

These are proving color and contrast increase. Reflected light shows up as a whitish glare that also washes out color in imaging systems. These are used in photography and LCD technology. Moreover, a circular polarizer filter can be used on-camera filters with a beam splitting metering system also found on auto focus SLR’s camera lens (CPL). A polaroid polarizer filter corrects this problem producing color saturation, deep polarizing effect, dramatically blue skies. Transparent plastics in non-metallic surfaces become birefringent when stressed almost like a wave retarder.

properties of laser light polarization

Is laser polarized or contains unpolarized light waves? Polarizer selection guide Boulder states that birefringent polarizers separate an incident beam into two beams. ARO supplies wire grid polarizers, irefringent crystalline polarizers, dichroic polarizers, mid-infrared polarizers, circular polarizer films, neutral density filter, and more. To find out more about precision linear polarizers intensity, polarized light filters, linear vs circular polarizers, or how to design birefringent polarizers, get in touch!

So what is linearly polarized light to circularly polarized light? The difference in X-ray absorption between two kinds of the plane of incidence polarization state of light is called dichroism. Extinction ratio polarization state change in absorption means the difference in the color of substances in the visible circularly polarized light through linear polarizer intensity region. Is laser light polarized? Diode laser polarization direction contains the degree of polarization modules that depends upon the angle of incidence and the refraction index of the reflecting surface. We offer a wide range of waveplates, as well as some specialized polarization rotators.

Polarizing Beam Splitters

Polarizing beam splitters are used to separate laser polarized light into parts. They often find their application in photonic devices for the transmission of p-polarized light while reflecting s version. Also, a stack of plates at Brewster’s angle to beams reflects off a fraction of the s-variation at each surface, leaving a p-polarized beam. ARO manufacturers broadband thin film polarizers for high-power laser systems. We offer a wide range of polarizing beam splitters in a variety of shapes and configurations to suit a wide variety of systems. For instance, our high extinction ratio polarizer, beam splitter can be splitting the incident beam into two offset parallel beams or splitters that are designed for conventional wavelengths. We are committed to providing you with a choice of polarizing beam splitters and optic linear polarization film designed with the latest technology to represent our quality assurance policy.

Optical Polarizer Manufacturing

Laser Line Polarizers

We employ only the most professional workers who have been manufacturing, fabricating, and high-energy laser line polarizers for years. Regardless of what form or range of polarization optics, polarizers, film you may need, we will supply you with only the best linear polarizer, infrared polarizer, reflective polarizer films, and other new products. We handle the complete process of creating, assembling, and processing any polarizing mirrors, windows, lenses, beamsplitters, and more. Our optical polarization solutions are always of the highest standard, which is why our polarising optics are used by an extremely wide range of customers in a diverse range of fields. Contact us to receive professional advice on the best polarizer designs suited to your laser system.
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