Optical Mirrors

ARO’s optical mirrors have unrivaled high laser damage thresholds, high reflectance, excellent durability, and long operational lifetimes. We have extensive experience with large optics up to 17 inches in diameter. ARO designs narrowband and broadband laser mirrors between 193 – 3000nm.

Product Selection

Ultrafast Mirrors

ARO designed a comprehensive set of specially designed products for ultrafast applications. E-Max are optimized to attain the highest pulse Energy damage threshold. B-Max coatings are optimized to deliver the Broadest possible bandwidth. ARO also offers a unique spectral shaping filter.


Flat Mirrors

ARO has a large catalog of flat mirrors. Each mirror has been optimized for specific laser applications. Custom mirror optic are also available. Get in touch with the sales team at ARO for more information about our flat optical mirror.


Nd:YAG Laser Mirrors

Broadband Mirrors

Laser Line Mirrors

IR Mirrors

Concave Mirrors

Off-Axis Mirrors

Custom Optical Mirrors

Our technical team will review your optical drawing or custom specifications and provide a quote.   Typically we offer:
  • Size: 3 to 400 mm
  • Surface roughness: with the ability to provide below if requested
  • Surface quality: 10/5 Laser Quality (scratch/dig)
  • Surface flatness: we routinely provide 1/10λ Peak to Valley for flat mirrors or Irregularity for radius at 632.8nm, with the ability to achieve 1/40λ Peak to Valley
  • Standard tolerances include +0/-0.005″ for diameter, length or width and ± 0.005″ for thickness
  • Parallelism: 1 minute with the ability to produce below 5 seconds on plano/plano parts if requested
  • Coating Wavelengths: 193 – 3000 nm
  • Reflectance: up to 99.5%
  • AOI: 0-60 deg

Optical Mirror Technology

The technology employed to fabricate these high performance optic has evolved from our extensive experience in producing optics for some of the world’s most demanding laser systems and applications. ARO supplies optics for the world’s largest laser system at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory National Ignition Facility and beam delivery optics for state-of-the-art microlithography tools. From substrate preparation and thin film coating to product packaging, the same expertise and care that goes into manufacturing these cutting edge products is applied to the stock and custom built optics available to you.

Stock and custom optics

We offer a variety of stock excimer, ultrafast and solid state laser mirrors for use in ArF, KrF, Ti:Sapphire, and Nd:Yag laser systems. Our stock products cover a broad range of the most commonly required specifications in terms of wavelength, size, reflectivity, and angle of incidence. These stock products represent just a small sampling of our production capabilities. The bulk of our business is devoted to the manufacture of optics built to customer supplied specifications. We can readily produce optics customized in virtually every aspect, including size, shape, substrate material, surface specifications and performance characteristics. Please contact our technical sales department to discuss your custom optics requirements.

Optical Mirror Manufacturing

Alpine Research Optics designs optical mirrors for a variety of applications and industries. They are optimized to reflect light to be used in laser systems. Among the possible applications are beam steering, imaging, and illumination. For over 30 years, Alpine Research Optics has been designing and manufacturing only the highest quality of the optical mirror. ARO follows advanced industry practices to provide customers with the best possible products. Among the wide variety of industries where optical mirrors are used, one can distinguish astronomy, metrology, semiconductor, and energy applications. Alpine Research Optics products include Flat Mirrors, Off-Axis Mirrors, Nd: YAG Laser Mirrors, Broadband Dielectric Mirrors, Laser Line Mirrors, Ultrafast Laser Mirrors, Focusing (Concave) Mirrors, and Near-IR Mirrors.

When you turn to Alpine Research Optics, you can be sure that we only use the most suitable materials for your specific project for your unique optical mirror. We manufacture optics from a variety of materials and always strive to match the material, shape, and reflective coating to your needs. ARO’s engineers have been working with the creation of optical components for more than twenty years. Our experienced workers know all the nuances of the creation and functioning of optical mirrors, regardless of their type, shape, coating, and material. Choosing the right reflective coating can be critical depending on the application, as choosing the right reflective coating ensures the highest reflectivity for the desired wavelength range. We work with a variety of reflective coatings such as aluminum and dielectric coatings. The choice of the shape and material from which an optical mirror is made can be as important as the choice of reflective coating. If you have any questions about the design for your optical mirror, you can always consult with our specialists. Regardless of the specifications for your optical mirror, you can be sure that the final product will always achieve the highest quality standards.

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