Spherical & Cylindrical Lenses

Alpine Research Optics offers extensive lens manufacturing capabilities with decades long experience polishing all types of optical glasses, fused silica and crystalline materials including CaF2, MgF2 Si, ZnSe and ZnS. We choose the best process technology of CNC polishers, spindle pitch polishing or magneto rheological finishing to ensure such specifications for spatial frequency or low surface roughness on a given material are optimized to achieve the maximum optical performance.  Truncation, high included angle, steep or long radii – we likely have in place the best practice for timely and efficient production.  Augmented by the capabilities of our sister company PFG Precision Optics, we have a vast library of test plates and many Verifire Zygo interferometers, complete with a variety reference spheres and flats.

We have particular expertise in producing the following laser specific lenses: 

  • Solid state laser lenses specifically designed to deliver high peak power damage threshold and low scatter, without sacrificing mechanical durability.
  • Excimer laser lenses that provide excellent mechanical durability, high pulse count lifetime, and high transmission, even at deep UV wavelengths.
  • Ultrafast laser lenses that possess the optimum combination of broad spectral bandwidth, minimum group velocity dispersion (GVD), low scatter, and peak pulse power damage resistance.

Made to order
Custom Lenses

Our technical team will review your optical drawing or custom specifications and provide a quote.   Typically we offer:

Spherical Lenses
Size: 3 mm to 250 mm
Radii: 3mm to 3m, +/- 0.1%
Irregularity: 1/20λ
Surface roughness:
Surface quality: 10/5 Laser Quality (scratch/dig)
Anti-reflective coating, R < 0.25%
(alternate specifications/tolerances available upon request)

Cylindrical Lenses
Size:   L: 5mm – 150 mm;  W: 5mm – 100mm
Radii: 20mm – 1m, +/- 0.1%
Surface irregularity: 1/4λ per 10mm on length and 1/2λ per 10mm on width
Surface roughness:
Surface quality: 20/10 Laser Quality (scratch/dig)
Anti-reflective coating, R < 0.25%
(alternate specifications/tolerances available upon request)