Laser Optics

ARO laser optics offer wide selection of beam delivery optics for deep UV, Visible, and Near-IR applications. ARO is a premium supplier for solid state, excimer, and ultrafast laser systems.

Laser Lenses

Laser Lenses are designed for diverse laser applications to focus collimated light from the laser beams. Laser Lenses can come in a variety of lens designs, such as laser generator lenses, aspheric lenses, cylinder lenses, and PCX lenses. A laser lens can focus light into several different end results like a ring, point, or line, all depending on the specific lens type. There are plenty of different lens designs available for use in many wavelength ranges.


Laser Mirrors

Laser Line Mirrors enable beam-steering in complex laser applications. A laser line mirror is essentially an optical mirror that has been engineered for certain wavelengths and types of lasers. Alpine Research Optics laser line mirrors come with specialized dielectric coatings which have been designed especially for high reflectance and specific laser wavelength requirements.


Laser Windows

These are utilized for either transmission of certain wavelengths or safety requirements. As a safety component, laser windows are engineered to act as a surface to safely observe a laser through. These can also isolate the laser beam by either absorbing or reflecting every other wavelength. There are several designs of laser windows to provide either laser blocking or transmission solutions.


Laser Filters

Laser Filters are designed to only allow the desired wavelengths to pass while rejecting the rest for a variety of reasons. They are engineered with a combination of coatings and/or substrates to allow certain light to be transmitted while reflecting other wavelength ranges. Laser filter also includes optical filter types like notch, longpass, and bandpass. There are plenty of dichroic filter options specifically for narrow wavelength selection or transmission widths.


Laser Beam Spliters

Laser Beam Splitters are utilized to separate a single laser beam into two individual beams. Laser Beamsplitter reflect a specific wavelength or polarization state while the rest of the light is freely transmitted. Optical beamsplitter come in a variety of different designs such as lateral displacement, plate beam splitters, and cube beam splitters. For Raman spectroscopy uses dichroic beam splitters are an option.


Laser Polarizers

Laser Polarization equipment is made for usage in a variety of polarization applications. Laser Polarizers can convert unpolarized light into polarized light or can even isolate certain light polarizations depending on the laser application. Laser polarizers are designed with a combination of substrates and/or coatings to achieve transmitting a certain individual polarization state. Laser Polarization equipment is utilized to control and modulate polarization for uses like chemical analysis, optical isolation, and intensity control.