ABS filters

Optical Filters

ARO acquired an IBS chamber in 2020. The chamber is optimized to create difficult filters with unrivaled laser damage thresholds. We offer custom, high performance filters available from 260-1500 nm.

IBS Coating

In 2020, ARO acquired a cutting-edge IBS chamber. The chamber is equipped with advanced technology required to make difficult filters. The chamber’s optical monitoring system allows us to make precision filters with tight specs. The chamber is also equipped with advanced technology that allows for IBS coatings with high laser-induced damage thresholds. ARO is in the process of developing and optimizing coating recipes to maximize damage thresholds. ARO has manufactured various filters for semiconductor manufacturers, and we are now expanding our product offerings with our new IBS technology.

Custom Optical Filters Technology

Our coating engineers will review your print and design a coating optimized for your specifications. Everything from the optical density of the blocking band to the transmission of the pass band to the cut off or center wavelength can be optimized for based on your requirements. All filters coated in the IBS chamber will be environmentally stable and durable.

Filters we are able to make include:

  • Bandpass Filters
  • Longpass Filters
  • Shortpass Filters
  • Notch Filters
  • Neutral Density (ND) Filters
  • Dichroic Filters
  • Telecom Filters
  • DWDM Filters
  • Medical Filters

    Optical Filter Manufacturing

    Optical filters can be applied in various fields to transmit or reject wavelengths or range of wavelengths. Currently, optical filters are used in fields such as spectroscopy, clinical chemistry, and machine vision. However, the range of use of optical filters is not limited to this. To one degree or another, optical filters continue to find new areas of application and are now used in the medical and defense industries. Alpine Research Optics can offer you a wide range of optical filters including bandpass filters, longpass filters, shortpass filters, notch filters, dichroic filters, telecom filters, DWDM filters, medical filters, and rugate filters.

    Alpine Research Optics designs optical filters in a variety of shapes and materials, depending on their application. From us, you can order an optical filter for your specific project with the choice of the size you need, the substrate material, and various absorption and transmission properties of the thin-film coating. Our professionals have extremely rich experience with optical filters which are very often used in the chemical and medical industries. We always strive to meet the wishes of our customers. We consider each product separately and individually approach the creation of each optical filter, depending on your needs. Therefore, each of our products is of extreme quality and meets all standards. Whether our optical filters are used for longpass filters or dichroic filters, we can guarantee that it will work for your laser system.

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