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Optical Fabrication

optics manufacturing

Our extensive range of in-house machining capabilities allows us to fabricate custom substrates of multiple material types, shapes, sizes, and specifications.

custom optics fabrication

We fabricate precision optics to meet tight specifications on substrates. Our specialty is creating extremely flat plano surfaces on increasingly larger substrates. ARO purchased a custom 1/140λ 6” diameter reference flat to accurately measure all flatness parameters. ARO uses a 64” continuous polisher in order to polish large optics.

Our experienced team of engineers have developed proprietary technologies for CaF2 manufacturing. We created a continuous polisher to make flat CaF2 optics, and we use spindle polishers to create radius CaF2 parts. Over years of practice, we crafted the right conditions for excellent surface qualities on optical crystals. ARO also invested in large double-sided grinders and polishers in order to reduce prices and production times for large-volume orders.

Optical Fabrication Equipment

We have an extensive range of machining capabilities that allow us to fabricate optics with an array of shapes and sizes

  • 24, 36, 48, 50, and 64 inch continuous polishers
  • 64” continuous grinder (coming soon)
  • 24” CaF2 continuous polisher
  • Double-sided grinders and polishers
  • Perfect Wave Reference Flat
  • 9b grinder and polisher
  • PR Hoffman 66T and 55 grinders and polishers
  • XY and drum cylinder polishers and grinders
  • 36” continuous grinder
  • Spindle grinders and polishers
  • Mechanical mills
  • Harig slicer
  • CNC edger
  • Sidai and OptoTech Sm80 curve generator
  • Beveling
  • Reference radius test plates
  • Optical Components

    We are knowledgeable and have experience with a wide variety of materials including optical glasses, fused silica, ULE, optical crystals (CaF2 & MfF2), and optical ceramics (Spinel & Zerodur). We are familiar with substrate material behavior and plan the most efficient configuration and process sequence accordingly. The advanced fabrication techniques we use result from years of experience mastering our equipment and material knowledge.

    Optical Assembly

    From the cementing of achromats to the alignment and mounting of optics in metal housings, we have the experience, process equipment and metrology to complete your sub-assembly. Specialties include lens assemblies for excimer or YAG Lasers and laser beam expanders.

    Check out our optical manufacturing capabilities and in-stock optical products catalog for more options.