ARO Company

ARO Company

Our core strength is our ability to produce durable, long life, high damage threshold coatings on tight tolerance substrates, particularly in the UV. We support a wide variety of laser applications for leading edge equipment manufacturers in the medical, scientific research, OEM laser repair, and semiconductor markets.

Alpine Research Optics

Alpine Research Optics stands out among its peers in the precision optics field for its leading edge capabilities in the coating and fabrication of laser optical components. We are able to deliver OEM laser optics with superior performance at market enabling prices because we use leading edge fabrication methods in a state-of-the-art, vertically-integrated facility. Grinding, polishing, cleaning, and coating are all carried out in a single factory, giving us total control of quality and delivery schedules.

Our purpose built manufacturing plant, located in Boulder, CO, covers a total of 35,000 square feet, including 25,000 square feet of manufacturing and engineering space for substrate fabrication, coating and optomechanical design & assembly. All coating, inspection, cleaning and packaging occurs under class 1000 cleanroom conditions, because high performance coated surfaces can only be consistently produced when isolated from other optical fabrication processes. This is particularly true of UV laser optics.

optics manufacturer Boulder, CO

ARO occupies a 35,000 sq.ft. building in north Boulder designed specifically for optical coating and fabrication. The facility features high ceilings and isolation pads for our interferometers and special environmental control – including cleanliness, temperature and humidity – in our class 1000 clean room where all coating, cleaning, inspection and assembly occurs. Additionally we use laminar airflow benches to further reduce particulate count into the low hundreds. If you are looking into optics careers to potentially work with us, check out some of our open positions.

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From its inception in 1991, Alpine Research Optics focused on producing high quality laser optics – particularly in the UV. Throughout the years the company received recognition from our customers for our technical capability and quality, and emerged as a technology leader in Boulder, Colorado.

ARO was acquired by Saint Gobain Crystals in September of 2007 as part of a vertical integration strategy. That strategy changed direction resulting in the divestiture of the company in May 2011 to PFG Precision Optics. ARO and PFG complement one another in capabilities and customer markets served, and have combined resources to offer a more complete solution to their customers.



ISO 9001:2015

The registration covers the quality management system for the manufacture and
coating of high performance optical components.

Certificate No.: 175997-2015-AQ-USA-ANAB
Original Certification Date: March 20, 2015
Certificate Expiry Date: March 20, 2024



Alpine Research Optics supplies precision OEM laser optics and subassemblies to manufacturers of lasers, laser-based systems, and instruments in a broad range of demanding applications. In each case, these applications benefit from the unique combination of high performance and long lifetime that are characteristic of ARO’s products.