uv polarizer

UV Polarizer

ARO’s catalog UV polarizers are a great low-cost option for your laser application. Reach out to the sales team to discuss custom or modified stock UV polarization options.

ultraviolet polarization

Optical Polarizers

ARO’s extensive experience in supplying optics for demanding solid state laser applications including the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has enabled us to develop high quality polarizers. Our catalog optical polarizers have an optimum combination of high extinction ratio, laser damage resistance, and mechanical durability, even at short UV wavelengths. Additionally, you can consult with our specialists for optical fabrication to develop the best custom polarizer for your laser application. Moreover, we offer an ultrafast polarizer and a high energy polarizer for both stock and custom-made solutions. Please contact our technical sales department to discuss your custom optics requirements.

Angle of
266 28.6 x 14.3 3.2 56°±3° 200:1
355 28.6 x 14.3 3.2 56°±3° 200:1


  • Clear Aperture: 85%
  • Wedge: <5 arc minutes
  • Flatness: λ/10 at 633 nm
  • Wavefront Distortion: < λ/10 at 633 nm over
  • Surface Quality: 10-5
  • Material: Fused Silica
  • Length/Width Tolerance: +0.00, -0.13 mm
  • Thickness Tolerance: ±0.25 mm
  • Chamfer: 0.50 mm at 45°

UV (Ultra-Violet) Linear Polarizer

These high performance, thin film polarizers are first surface coated to separate orthogonal polarizations with a high extinction ratio; the second surface is uncoated. They are available from stock at most common UV solid state laser wavelengths. They are designed to work at Brewster angle, and should be tilt tuned (±3°) to optimize performance.